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Squarepusher on Keeping the Ideas Flowing
1 month ago

From Resident Advisor Exchange #500 “I’ll just record more or less obsessively. It doesn’t matter really what it is for me. It’s just about keeping going. And that sounds like a far out comment, it’s actually really not. Like for me, continuity is everything because it’s about keeping these ideas fluid in your head it’s…

New Playlists Section
4 months ago

I created a playlists section here on this site, which shares my latest Spotify playlists. Enjoy!

Video for The Entire World in a Tiny Grain of Sand
4 months ago

I haven’t used Instagram much lately, but I experimented with making this video for IGTV. It’s also available on YouTube if you prefer to watch there, and you can find out more about the release here. View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Elliott Fienberg (@efnbrg) on Jul 16, 2020 at 5:27am…

Great Vibes on Maestro by Moacir Santos
6 months ago

The week of Bossa music continues with Maestro by Moacir Santos. This one isn’t completely Bossa though, it’s some sort Brazillian jazz cocktail. An album it reminded me of is We The People by Groove Collective from 1996. Santos is a well-known arranger from Brazil, so if North America was the centre of the world…

Jazz Samba is Timeless Bossa Nova
6 months ago

My dive into Bossa Nova this week came as a result of a bad pick with Miles Davis Quiet Nights, so I decided to listen to the album which inspired it. Jazz Samba happened when guitarist Charlie Byrd went to Brazil and got wind of the Bossa Nova sound. He brings it back to Stan…

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