Elliott Fienberg

Elliott Fienberg

Jazz Samba is Timeless Bossa Nova

My dive into Bossa Nova this week came as a result of a bad pick with Miles Davis Quiet Nights, so I decided to listen to the album which inspired it. Jazz Samba happened when guitarist Charlie Byrd went to Brazil and got wind of the Bossa Nova sound. He brings it back to Stan Getz and sets off the lounge music trend.

Jazz Samba is an exquisite recording. Everything sounds just right, even the saxophone, which on many other jazz records can be a harsh instrument. This album really will chill you out.

My favourite tune on this one is Samba De Uma Nota So. If you give this one the time of day that it deserves, everything will feel like not a speck of dust is out of place in this world.

Released: January 1, 1962 on Verve Records

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