When I was younger, there was a bit of a division between athletes and artists in school. I don’t think it was really the fault of the education system per se as much as just an old fashioned way of thinking about the two disciplines. As a result, I believe that a lot of creative types have shunned fitness, only to pick it up later in life when things got unbearable.

That’s at least what happened to me. About five years ago I was overweight, and miserable from the winter blues. My friend and I shook hands that we would go to the gym at work the following day. I signed up with a personal trainer, Elv, who kept me on track, and I started doing group fitness classes in between training sessions.

At the current time I mainly just do group fitness. I don’t really enjoy running outdoors or by myself on the treadmill. A program like Classpass helps me find new classes which push me out of my comfort zone.

Working out at 6am is a magic bullet for being both creative and productive during the working hours. A workout on the weekend is just as therapeutic.

If this post resonated with you, I encourage you check out Twyla Tharp’s book The Creative Habit. In it, the famous American dancer details her morning ritual of getting to the gym for 6am.  She says that the ritual is not the workout, but hailing the cab in the morning which takes her there.

By a similar token, I enjoy booking my workouts in an app like Classpass so that there’s no turning back. Once you find a fitness regimen that works for you, I guarantee you will not return to a sedentary lifestyle.