The King Street Streetcar project is an effort by the City of Toronto to lower commuting times for the public. To do so, the city shutdown car access to one of its main streets in the downtown core, King Street, and made it available to streetcars exclusively, with some exceptions for taxi cabs at certain hours.

Amongst the friends and family i’ve spoken to, this has sparked outrage. However I commend the project. Toronto has become a very congested city, and I think it needs to move away from the model where people drive around its most busy areas. I’ve been taking advantage of this King Street project myself as a commuter lately, and was pleased to see that I could finally get somewhere quickly without depending on using an underground route like the subway.

So far this project is anecdotally hurting business in the regions outside the downtown core that have retail stores, and the city is now offering free parking to re-engage those customers to come back to the areas.

To get infuriated over a test project would be having a small mind on the matter. A big mind will look to other major cities around the world and notice how business commuters don’t drive around such populated areas.

An even more progressive view are streets that don’t allow automotive vehicles at all, and are just walkable, but clearly we’re nowhere near there yet.

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