A Room and a Chair

January 6, 2021

I have spent a great deal of energy training myself to play a bit of music at night rather than sit on the couch and vegetate. You might say, “well you need some rest after a day of work” but I believe you can rest by taking a short power nap in the afternoon or going to bed early instead. And if music is played well it shouldn’t be far off from rest.

Where this is going is it sort of occurred to me that you really only need two things to play music at any time of day. The first is a room where you play music. It hopefully doesn’t have people in it who will distract you. It has your instruments close by and any other equipment you need such as a portable recorder (I personally enjoy the Zoom H4N these days). If you’re a couple occupying a small space, then that room needs to change based on the time of day. It’s basically the room that’s not occupied.

The other thing you need is a proper chair for you to sit in with your instrument. This almost always means a chair that has no armrests on it. Height adjustable is a bonus but I use a very basic folding chair to play guitar. The kind you put out for guests when the chairs in your kitchen are at capacity.

So here’s the magic of these two items. Almost as soon as dinner is over, you must find your way into this room and onto this chair. If you go into the wrong room, the one that has a couch or even worse a bed, your chances of getting to play music are going down by a lot. I like to take a short walk after dinner, but again the room that I choose to go into after that walk is critical. I can take a walk and then head to the couch afterwards.

One final note about this. I try to keep my evening music session free of screens. If I come up with something good I record it on the Zoom. Getting to bed at the right time is going to pay dividends here because if you’re not well-rested or you didn’t take a siesta after lunch then you’re going to be tired. And I personally having trouble enjoying the music or even worse learning anything if I’m drained.

All this is to say, do you know what room you play music in, and do you have a chair?

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