Elliott Fienberg

Elliott Fienberg

About Elliott

Expanding space with sound, Elliott Fienberg treats his art as both an experiment in a lab and the expression of self. This organic experimental music is made using a combination of acoustic instruments and modular synths.

Tapping into the idea of patterns shared over generations and geographies, Elliott’s compositions are a journey into our collective story as a people floating in endless space.

Elliott releases music through two outlets. The first is the Infinity Waves channel, which acts as a mix of an ambient record label, playlist publisher and generative music tool. The second is the Danke Schoen label which is geared towards a more global, funky sound.

Other Info

  • Creator of Spaghetti Lab – a resource for exploring experimental arts and creative coding
  • Organizer of Soundhackers which fosters a community for sound artists
  • President of the Board of Directors for New Adventures in Sound Art
  • Maker of a series of participatory art projects like Sound Spaghetti which was a modular synth for kids, and Crowdscoring, a set of performances that allowed the audience to participate in the music making process with their mobile phones
  • Music is available for licensing
  • Get in touch to discuss freelance opportunities in film scoring and podcast development

Elliott Fienberg Portfolio

Sound Spaghetti