I make music on a schedule. Taking inspiration from early radio, every week I share new sounds. Like a stream of water making its way to the ocean, the best pieces get refined and reappear on compilations after the fact.

While working in a studio can be cold and lifeless, this system is in place to create a sense of life to the work, turning the factory into a warm concert venue. The posting of pieces online is a form of performance and improvisation. They are the starting point from which new forms grow outward.

Outside of music, I work in the areas of marketing and consulting, helping people and teams develop their creative thinking abilities.

Other Info

  • Creator of Spaghetti Lab – a resource for exploring experimental arts and creative coding
  • Organizer of Soundhackers which fosters a community for sound artists
  • President of the Board of Directors for New Adventures in Sound Art
  • Maker of a series of participatory art projects like Sound Spaghetti which was a modular synth for kids, and Crowdscoring, a set of performances that allowed the audience to participate in the music making process with their mobile phones
  • Music is available for licensing
  • Get in touch to discuss freelance opportunities in film scoring and podcast development

About This Site

This site is built using Gatsby sourcing content from WordPress. Its purpose is to serve as a platform for listening to music without the need for streaming sites in the future.