Finding Time for The Work

21 minutes ago

I’m writing this post at 9:15am, just before I start my workday helping clients with their marketing, and you could say that this post is more of a form of therapy for me than it is for you, but the point I’m trying to make is that you shouldn’t be afraid to not only embrace…

A Room and a Chair

15 days ago

I have spent a great deal of energy training myself to play a bit of music at night rather than sit on the couch and vegetate. You might say, “well you need some rest after a day of work” but I believe you can rest by taking a short power nap in the afternoon or…

Squarepusher on Keeping the Ideas Flowing

3 months ago

From Resident Advisor Exchange #500 “I’ll just record more or less obsessively. It doesn’t matter really what it is for me. It’s just about keeping going. And that sounds like a far out comment, it’s actually really not. Like for me, continuity is everything because it’s about keeping these ideas fluid in your head it’s…

New Playlists Section

6 months ago

I created a playlists section here on this site, which shares my latest Spotify playlists. Enjoy!

Video for The Entire World in a Tiny Grain of Sand

6 months ago

Video experiment for The Entire World in a Tiny Grain of Sand. Find out more about the release here.