The Trauma of Coding

3 minutes ago

I’m looking back at different projects I’ve worked on over the years and I thought it is worth addressing how working with technology can have an element of trauma to it, and how that trauma affects your ability to work as you move forward. I am most familiar with two types of technology camps, the…

The Toy Claw

3 days ago

When I was a little kid, I somehow bought a toy robot claw. You might be familiar with this one because I feel like it’s been around for decades. It makes a little rachet sound to simulate a robot noise. I used to terrorize my sisters with the claw, because it’s basically a mechanical pincher….

Forays into Modern Grooveboxes (Volca Sample vs. Model:Samples)

4 days ago

Many years ago I had a Korg Electribe groovebox sampler (ESX-1) which I used on a few tracks but mostly just collected dust. The appeal to these units at the time was you could punch in beats very quickly and then tweak the sounds. I think speed was the main appeal because you could just…

When To Go Fast

8 days ago

Yesterday I wrote about taking things slowly, but I thought it would be good to counter that by looking at when might be good to go fast. There is that famous, obnoxious line from Facebook which is, “Move fast and break things”. Anyone who’s had an accident is likely familiar with this first-hand. So moving…

Going slow before going fast

9 days ago

I just got off the phone with my friend and we were talking about working through problems that arise (mostly inside the head). He said, “I firmly believe you have to go slow before you can go fast”. What he means is you have to take some time to sort through the issue before you…