Elliott creates music, installations and educational materials for experimental arts. This site exists for you to find out about his projects, his music, and his written works.

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God Works For Spotify In The Complaints Department

Released on November 12th, 2019

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Infinity Waves

Released on October 1st, 2019

Elliott Writes Things

Memory Loss

Written 2 weeks ago

When you open the back of a camera before taking the film out properly. When your sound recorder shuts off before writing the file to disk. When you rely on facebook to know your best friend’s birthday. When you wake up tomorrow and forget what you were trying to do in life. When you fail…

The Skateboarder

Written 3 weeks ago

A man rides an electric skateboard which goes at double the speed of a bicycle, without a helmet.

Why I Enjoy Spotify

Written 4 weeks ago

Spotify is a great service. I discover new music on it all the time. Many things i’ve heard on there have inspired new works of my own. The algorithmic playlists such as Discover help nudge me in certain directions, and then I can also use the service to dive into other classic genres like jazz,…

What Sound Makes You Alive?

Written 1 month ago

Last week I had the joy of seeing the Pace De Lucia Allstars perform in Toronto. I knew for a few years that I enjoy flamenco, since a trip to Spain. Yet I kind of forgot just how great this music is, especially when played by some of the top names in the style. Great…

Giving Thanks, Breaking Bread

Written 1 month ago

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. This is very much a colonial holiday, yet many cultures enjoy celebrating the idea of the harvest. Such as the Jewish people who celebrate Sukkot at just about the same time, and this year the two holidays of Canadian Thanksgiving and Sukkot lined up perfectly. The avocado on my counter…

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