Elliott Fienberg

Elliott Fienberg

Chilling with Norah Jones on Day Breaks

After listening to Ravi Shankar, it made sense to head over to the music of his daughter, Norah Jones. I went for Day Breaks because I wanted something more recent by her, but not her latest recording.

I was very impressed by this choice of Day Breaks. Her voice is very soothing, and you also get a really great backing band here, which includes Brian Blade on drums, Lonnie Liston on organ and Wayne Shorter on sax. The songs are chill, but also have a twang of country music too. Norah was originally born in New York, but she grew up in Texas.

On songs like Don’t Be Denied, you’ll also tap into a bit of gospel too. The title track of the album Day Breaks reminds me a bit of the trip-hop/chillout era in the early 2000s (think Zero-7). There’s also a few pieces that are kind of your traditional vocal jazz too.

Overall this one was quite enjoyable if you’re in the mood to take it down a few levels. There is also a deluxe version that came out a year later.

Released: October 7, 2016 on Blue Note Records

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