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Elliott Fienberg

Getting Weird with Hermeto Pascoal on Zubumbe-Bum-A

I only discovered Hermeto Pascoal recently, although I had seen his iconic face on videos before in which he’s recording the sounds of playing with water, similar to a kid blowing bubbles with a straw. This album Zubumbe-Bum-A was a real standout for me. It had me think of Hermeto as some sort of Brazillian mix of Frank Zappa and John Cage.

HIs profile grew substantially after Miles Davis discovered him, and covered some of his compositions on the album Live Evil which is a CD I used to love listening to.

The instruments that really come to the front here are the Fender Rhodes electric piano, as well as flute and vocal effects. It’s definitely jazz and bossa, but you get other tracks like Suite paulista which are experimental, almost like the prototype for sample-based collages that would come along later.

If you haven’t heard Hermeto Pascoal before, give this one a spin. Apparently Slaves Mass is also very good.

Released: January 1, 1979 on Warner Bros./Polysom

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