Great Vibes on Maestro by Moacir Santos

June 7, 2020

The week of Bossa music continues with Maestro by Moacir Santos. This one isn’t completely Bossa though, it’s some sort Brazillian jazz cocktail. An album it reminded me of is We The People by Groove Collective from 1996.

Santos is a well-known arranger from Brazil, so if North America was the centre of the world then I imagine he would occupy a character similar to Quincy Jones where he’s from.

Prior to this break out album on Blue Note, Moacir was working for Henry Mancini as an arranger. Even though it was nominated for a Grammy it still flew under the radar, as did Santos himself until later on in his life.

Two of my favourites on this album are Astral Whine (An Elegy To Any War), which has a great polyrhythm going on in it. And the other favourite is April Child, which is a Bossa number with poetic lyrics over top.



Released: January 1, 1972 on Blue Note Records

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