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Elliott Fienberg

Making Organic Techno with Brandt Brauer Frick on Echo

Where will we be in 50 years, and where did we come from 500 years ago? These are some of the themes I think about when listening to the latest album from 2019 by the trio Brandt Brauer Frick.

Because on one hand while I feel a sense of futurism in the repetitive motifs, I know that many of these devices were developed by old stalwarts like Bach. Arpeggios, and transposing them into different keys has a very enjoyable effect on the heart and mind.

Music in this way feels like everything checks out in the world. Avant-grade music aimed to tear down this sense of harmony and graceful movement. And yes there is a sense of avant-grade on this album and with this group in general. The idea of the machine and the industrial revolution. Can you take the experience of living on a hamster wheel and write music about it? I think about the 1924 film Ballet Mechanique here.

Similar to Steve Reich this gets the vote of music you can do work to or any other activity in which you’re searching for a sense of flow. 

Now on the track Masse this album really turns on. I like this building that happened to get to this place. Down for a bit and then we’re back with Fuel which is just stunning. When you listen to BBB these are the types of tracks you came out for. They’re always going to be the standout. As if the slower numbers are dare I say a form of filler but more realistically they help build the mood for tracks like Fuel. It’s so good it will have you reaching for the volume button.

Two tracks on this album feature vocalists. Friedberg is on Echos, and Catherine Ringer appears on Encore which is in French. I actually think this is the right amount of vocals for a group that is primarily making instrumental music.

If you like this, then you might like Phillipp Solomon which I listened to last week.

Released: June 7, 2019 on Because Music

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