A Brief Moment in Time (Meditation for the Green Moon of Titan)

Released on June 11, 2020

Most things we see online encourage some sort of doing rather than being. A Brief Moment in Time (Meditation for the Green Moon of Titan) was designed to create a sense of space, or a pause button.

There is very little in this piece, yet I felt an empowered feeling when mixing the elements that are here. As if this minimalism is a gate way to the infinite.

Now some more practical information about Titan, for which this piece is dedicated. Titan is the second largest moon in our solar system, and it belongs to Saturn. Thanks to its atmosphere, this moon is one of the most likely places where other forms of life are living. But it’s about -179 Celcius on the surface, which is insanely cold.

From NASA:

“Titan has clouds, rain, rivers, lakes and seas of liquid hydrocarbons like methane and ethane. The largest seas are hundreds of feet deep and hundreds of miles wide. Beneath Titan’s thick crust of water ice is more liquid – an ocean primarily of water rather than methane. Titan’s subsurface water could be a place to harbor life as we know it, while its surface lakes and seas of liquid hydrocarbons could conceivably harbor life that uses different chemistry than we’re used to – that is, life as we don’t yet know it. Titan could also be a lifeless world.”