Notes by the Marsh

Released on August 6, 2020

It’s kind of debatable in regards to whether this track was recorded at a marsh or a pond. At first I thought it was a pond, but if you look at the photo the water is thick like split pea soup. The sound of the environment around it is very much what you’d hear at a marsh rather than a pond. But at the end of the day, I think this is a swampy pond.

It was recorded on a Zoom H4N Pro during an afternoon hike at the Albion Hills Conservation Park just north of Toronto. It was really damp that day. Like the kind of day when your notebook feels like a wet paper towel from the air around you. Even the camera lens has moisture which you can see in the photo.

For some reason the bugs were able to leave me alone for a bit, and you can even hear them buzz around the recorder too at times. Squirrel ruffles off into distance too. I take two audible exhales as a sign of relief from going up and down hills.

As in life, being on a hike requires almost constant motion to avoid getting eaten alive. Yet taking a moment to sit by the water is probably the reason we came out in the first place.