Timeless Geometry

Released on August 13, 2020

The architectural structure of the dome dates back to pre-history in the form of a hut. However we have seen and preserved domes in various cultures such as those found in the Middle East, Asia and Europe, going back over a thousand years.

In addition to being a useful design pattern, domes help create reverberated soundscapes, as we can hear in any beautiful religious ceremony.

Similarly in music, we have structures that help express our emotions, and reverberate them out into the world. The history of electronic music at times seems like it was all created to find a home on the Internet. As if music could be coded in the machine itself without the intervention of a composer.

This track has some of these elements and structures of electronic music but combines them with performances on the guitar, bass, and moog synthesizer. In a time of desperate need, Team Human always prevails.