Squarepusher on Keeping the Ideas Flowing

October 22, 2020

From Resident Advisor Exchange #500

“I’ll just record more or less obsessively. It doesn’t matter really what it is for me. It’s just about keeping going. And that sounds like a far out comment, it’s actually really not. Like for me, continuity is everything because it’s about keeping these ideas fluid in your head it’s about keeping all the information fresh so you can access it with a click of a finger.

That’s the key, you know, is about keeping your information at your fingertips, so you can do whatever you want. So you can think of the idea and you can make it, you know, that that’s essential for me. If you’re scrambling about thinking, how do I do this? For me, you’ve already lost, you know, the enthusiasm levels are going to sort of just gradually start drifting away.

So yeah, and for me, you know, composing the studio, writing, recording the studio, even if it’s just completely with exclusively with electronic instruments, the sequencers, and so on still it follows broadly the same kind of patterns that I will follow when I’m improvising making something up on an instrument.

So if I’m just making something up, like, start finish off you go, if you go make a piece of music three minutes off, you go, just make it up. I love doing that. A lot of my practice would be that, you know, if I’m playing guitar, then I’ll just sit there and make things up. And, this is for me just composing in real time.

That’s what you’re doing, but it’s a skill cause you know, you haven’t got any time, you got to just do everything more or less on basis of instinct. If you hear the sound in your head, you need to be like ‘oh yeah that’s C flat, I need the E flat, where’s E flat?” There it is, play, but that needs to happen split second.

And, that’s the way I work in the studio. It’s like, I need, I just, I need to know, like, without thinking about it, you know, and that fluency is what it’s about.”

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