Sticking with it

January 25, 2021

I send my Sunday Bagel newsletter on as you can guess, Sunday mornings. The creation and branding of this newsletter coincided with an experiment during the pandemic to make music every week. The newsletter was an extension of that because on top of making music I found it important to share that work somehow.

Posting music on social media can feel really strange, like peeing into the wind. For a similar reason to why many comics refuse to perform over zoom (they can’t hear laughter and get really disoriented). Yet somehow sending my music and newsletter to a small audience over email just feels more comfortable.

However, I noticed that sending the email was also fair game for doubt and uncertainty. For starters, I often won’t hear back from many people if they’ve enjoyed it. They will tell me if they happen to speaking to me though, which is nice. And additionally, this method of sharing music means that it will often have low play counts on sites like Soundcloud or YouTube where I prefer to post it these days.

But here’s the most important thing: A track that gets merely a few plays is better than the track that never gets played at all. And the track that gets played even once is better than the track that never gets made.

So i’m sticking with this sick and twisted experiment, even if I might question it from time to time.


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