Elliott Fienberg

Elliott Fienberg

Taking a Journey with Alice Coltrane

After such a great experience listening to Pharoah Sanders last week, I wanted to continue along somewhere in this path. I thought Alice Coltrane would be a good spot to pick up on the trail, and I picked Journey in Satchidananda which happens to have an appearance by Pharoah on it too.

Alice was married to John Coltrane, and unfortunately passed away in 2007 at the age of 69. She mostly plays piano and harp, and is known for adding a more global sound to free jazz. There is nothing like her out there.

The version that’s on Spotify is kind of grimey. It was possibly transferred from vinyl but it’s hard to say where the saturation comes from. My favourite on this album is the closer Isis and Osiris which was recorded live in New York City in 1970, clocking in at 11:32.

Released: November 8, 1970 on Impulse!

Listen to this release on:

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