When To Go Fast

April 16, 2021

Yesterday I wrote about taking things slowly, but I thought it would be good to counter that by looking at when might be good to go fast.

There is that famous, obnoxious line from Facebook which is, “Move fast and break things”. Anyone who’s had an accident is likely familiar with this first-hand. So moving fast isn’t something you should take lightly.

You want to move fast as possible when you have to do a task that you know you have to get done, but are just not excited about doing it. And you have to move fast with a sense of caution in the back of your mind so that you don’t trip and fall on your way to doing it (or blurt out the worst possible thing, if it’s a case of something like sending an email).

An example would be having to brush your teeth. Just after you got into bed to read or watch TV.  At that moment you should get up as quickly as you can and deal with the problem. You obviously don’t want to run to the bathroom and trip, but you want to quickly get ahead of that slowness that’s about to creep in and take hold for the night.

Similarly, if you are trying to learn a piece of music, you want to get on top of it quickly. Especially if someone taught you how to play it. The longer you take to sit down and learn it, the worse it’s going to get. You’ll forget some of the subtleties that you were taught, and air is going to seep into the jar that is your mind, removing the urgency for learning.

And I think this slowness or air seeping into the jar is sort of the hallmark of procrastination. Something that isn’t a lot of work doesn’t get done, and then it takes on a life of its own. You can counteract this force with a swift karate chop whenever possible.

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